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Diesel power station rental!

Our company provides this service since 1993, have qualified staff and experience operating diesel power stations.

"Enetis" offers diesel power stations rental of Russian and foreign production,
with capacity from 30 kW to 1000 kW with the ability to work in parallel.

We provide:

• Maintenance, around the clock service.
• Generator repair
• Conduct maintenance
• Commissioning
• Energy Audit
• Delivery of fuel tanks

For all issues of service and repair service, contact tel. 642-43-40

Diesel power generators and mobile diesel now the subject of many sites.
There are many specialty stores engaged in selling such equipment.

Our company - "Enetis" - stands out from this series that we specialize not in implementation, and on the provision in the lease of diesel power plants.

It would hardly be a discovery to say that the diesel generators are urgently needed in the organization of autonomous uninterrupted supply of electricity to different objects. No mobile diesel generators can not do at construction sites. They are able to provide sufficient energy facility that would illuminate the area, apply electricity to the temporary housing construction crews, etc. These diesel generators are often used by companies as a backup source of electricity. Diesel power plants generally supply light and heat away from power lines and auxiliary storage space. They are ideal as a redundant power on the objects of social value.

Of course, to have equipment such as diesel power plants in full of his possessions - and the convenient and pleasant. However, the purchase of diesel generator - quite expensive. These costs are not always justified. And when there is a need to provide "mobile energy" several objects at once? Buy just a dozen mobile power - expensive even for very large companies and for small and medium businesses - and at very heavy task. The best alternative will be buying diesels diesel equipment rentals. Rent a mobile plant which is cheaper and more convenient. In fact, for much less money, mobile diesel equipment at the specified time is at your disposal.

Diesel generators will be useful not only in the case where the object does not have access to electricity, mobile power is always useful to have on hand. For example, there are often situations where it is likely constant power outages. Thanks to the diesel engine you completely eliminate the risk of unplanned downtime in the works. In other words, renting mobile diesel generators to avoid financial losses, but instead will lead to profits.

The company "Enetis" is available and offers for rent a number of different capacities of mobile, fully self-contained modern power plants. Equipment for rent - a high, having a good performance of modern mobile diesel generators that, plus everything else, and virtually silent in operation. Our technical park, intended for sale, this diesel equipment from top brands, including the case of diesel power plants CUMMINS, VOLVO, AKSA, as well as improved models of generators in Russia.

Are you interested in renting diesel power? On your sites can not do without mobile diesel generators? You've come to the right place! Dial a phone number (you will find it in the contact section) and tell our specialist - what particular diesel engine you need. In the very short period of time you choose a mobile power plant will be delivered to an indicated point on the map of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region.

Still have questions relating to mobile diesel power plants and diesel generators as a lease of Russian manufacture, and created the world's most famous brands? Call on any of the phones on our website. Terms of rent power equipment delivery terms, discounts, service diesel generators, and the degree of responsibility of the tenant. In each of these and any other matter specialists "Enetis" will be happy to give you a full and complete information.

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