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We offer for lease diesel power stations from 30 kW to 3000 kW, heaters from 35-110kW.
Please contact our representatives by phone. 642-43-40, 642-43-24.

Prices can vary depending on
- Number of pieces of equipment
- Hours of Work (machine-shifts)
- Number of renting days

Dry lease
- Free delivery and removal of equipment for more than one month renting, and paid by Customer if renting for less than one month
- A fixed cost per day
- Advance payment for two weeks
- Refueling, launching, maintenance, safety equipment is provided by the Customer
- Routine and scheduled maintenance done by Enetis
- Staff will be provided for additional charge

Comprehensive lease
- Delivery and removal of equipment (from 1 month - free)
- Setup and launch
- Maintenance, emergency repairs
- Provision of standby equipment
- Fuel tanks
- Services of the operator
- Refueling


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